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Case Studies

CASE 1: High transmittance energy saving window prototype
case 1

Single films generation & characterization

  • Metal Silver optical properties n,k plot

  • Dielectric Si3N4 optical properties n,k plot

wavelength graph

Prototype stack design/deposition/characterization

  • ​​Coated glass Tvis: 86%

  • Insulating Glass Units Performance:

    • Tvis: 79.0% 

    • Light-to-Solar Gain: 1.51

deposition chart
TFG graph
case 2
CASE 2: New materials study for an optical coating research
  • New materials AgTi compositions were screened by co-sputter technology

  • New materials were characterized

Wavelength graph
  • AgTi deposited in a stack for a prototype product

  • New prototype product optimization ​

Modelling graph

A new prototype was developed

  • Coated glass Tvis: 48%

  • Insulating Glass Units :

    • Tvis: 44% 

    • Light-to-Solar Gain: 1.35

FGT graph
Deposition chart
case 3
CASE 3: Trouble-shooting coating issues and providing solutions
  • Issue: There is a color issue in a customer's coating

  • Analysis: We did Optical Reverse Engineering indicated that there was a metalmigration into another layer by xx%.  

  • Solution: Research on a new barrier material

    • Software Designs a new coating stack

    • Stack deposition

    • Resolved the issue

case 4
CASE 4: Co-Sputter New Materials for a Biotech Research
  • A research group from One of largest biotech research company
    is looking for their samples response on new materials, 

  • Co-sputter new materials (C:A, C:B, A, B, C) for their research on wafer and glass substrate, 

co-sputter table.png
  • With a few thousand $ for a project (full set of samples), the cost is just like outsourcing a measurement, so that the P.O. is easily approved.

  • Successfully tested new materials for a new research project

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