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Unique Sputter Deposition

  • World Class Equipment, and Expertise
  • Small sample size PVD deposition
    • More flexible, cheaper, faster research
  • Combinatorial Co-sputter is more efficient for material screening
  • Hundreds of publications

Three-gun PVD Specifications

  • Substrates up to one or two-inch diameter, thickness 0.1mm to 60 mm

  • 3 independent sputtering guns (2.5 in)

  • Background vacuum 1.5 x10-7 Torr

  • Independent Pulsed DC

  • Uniformity 5% (max-min), 1 sigma 3.7% for 2mm edge exclusion in a one inch sample

New Material Research Capability
  • Metals

  • Alloys

  • Metal nitrides

  • Metal oxides

Periodic table
Fast Research Cycle
Nearly 100% of clients like our professional reports and services
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