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Spectroscopy Ellipsometer (SE),
Thickness, Refractive Index 

World-class instrument, expertise
Fast Measurements 

*Thickness  *Refractive Index  *Optical Reverse Engineering


- Fast, Expertise service 

- World-class equipment

- Nearly all clients like our report and service

- Unique Optical Reverse Engineering         


Fast, Quality, Competitive Price

  • Thin-film thickness 1nm~ 1um, Unique accurate.

  • Wide Spectra Optical constant, Refractive Index n, k  


  • Band Gap

  • Density profile along the thin film cross-section                  

World Class Ellipsometer


Woollam VASE

Unique Optical Reverse Engineering 

  • Unique measurement methods

  • Plus Software simulation: Optilayer and Woollam W-VASE

Ellipsometry (SE) + Transmittance (T): Thickness accuracy much improved

  • SE+T provides much more accurate thickness, n,k properties than those measured by SE alone

  • Additional information (such as gradience) could be ​​obtained

new method.png

Thickness accuracy
much improved

SE + T + Res (sheet resistance)

  • SE+T+Res provide more accurate thickness, n,k  

  • Additional information that could be ​​obtained accurately,

    • ​Gradience

    • Carrier density

    • Carrier mobility​

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