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High-Quality Data

Unique Optical Reverse Engineering 

  • Unique measurement methods

  • Plus Software simulation: Optilayer and Woollam W-VASE

Ellipsometry (SE) + Transmittance (T)

  • SE+T provides much more accurate thickness, n,k properties than those measured by SE alone

  • Additional information (such as gradience) could be ​​obtained

New modelling method

SE + T + Res (sheet resistance)

  • SE+T+Res provide more accurate thickness, n,k  

  • Additional information that could be ​​obtained accurately,

    • ​Gradience

    • Carrier density

    • Carrier mobility​

Carrier density graph

SE + T + F (film side reflectance) +G (glass side reflectance)

  • Uniquely accurate to predict the optical film stack performance (T/F/G spectra meet with the simulations very well)

  • Uniquely determined unknown film properties among the film stack  

    • ​Gradience

    • Carrier density

    • Carrier mobility​

TFG graph
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