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More Flexible, Cheaper & Faster by ​​small sample size  


World-Class Hardware / Software / Expertise 


Our Services

Thin Film PVD

Unique cost-effective PVD for

High-quality thin film (sequential stacks or co-sputter)​​

  • Three independent sputtering guns

  • 1-inch or 2-in sample size

  • Pulsed DC power supplies

  • Vacuum down to 1.5x10-7 Torr

  • Programmed recipes 

Material Screening
Periodic Table

Combinatorial technique, Co-sputter fast screening materials capability, significantly reduce the research cost

  • Metals

  • Alloys

  • Nitrides

  • Oxides

Metrology Lab

World class metrology + software/expertise

Modeling & Prototype
New Modelling Method

Accurate, unique optical model design and prototype development

  • High accuracy through unique methods

  • Unique design from unique


  • Wide parameter

    optimization capability

  • Unique Optical Reverse Engineering

Fast Research Cycle

We are able to to complete research paper experiments in a short period of time. 


About Us

Our mission is to provide more affordable and accessible world-class laboratory services (hardware and software) on thin-film and new materials research.


Dr. Ding was the former principal scientist who led a group on energy saving window coating to develop the future products for the world's leading company in this field. He has many satisfied customers. Here are some highlights of Dr. Ding's achievements:

  • submitted an average 27 patent alerts per year in 2013~2016.

  • author of 1/9 US granted patents in 2014 & 2015 in the field of building Low-E Glass Coating

  • Committee Member of the International Conference on Lasers and Optics in 2018.

News & Publications

  • 2018 July, Dr. Ding presented at International Conference On Lasers, Optics and Photonics, Osaka, Japan   July 25-26, 2018

  • 2018 June: LFI successfully finished multiple new materials development for Roche, one of the largest biotech company

  • 2018 April: LFI moved to the Sunnyvale new facility.

  • 2018 March: LFI serviced ten industry customers milestones.

  • 2018 Feb: At NCCAVS 39th annual Symposia & Exhibitions, Dr. Ding presented "Can a new materials innovation in thin film optical applications be faster and cheaper?"

  • 2017 Nov: A new energy efficient window prototype product with high transmission of 86% was successfully achieved. 

  • 2017 Nov: New materials Ti-Ag alloys were generated and charactered in LFI.

  • 2017 Nov: World Class Metrology tools from LFI generated revenue .


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