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UV - VIS - NIR Spectroscopy
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Fast Measurements 

*Transmittance  *Reflectance  *Absorption  *Haze Measurement


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- World-class equipment

- Large sample size

- Advanced optical              modeling


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 Transmission/Reflection spectra (250 - 2500 nm)  measurement 

Diffuse / Specular / Haze spectra Measurement

Optical Reverse Engineering, Optical design, Optical Modeling                   

Top of line instrument

Shimadzu Solid Spec 3700 DUV



Ultraviolet-visible-near infrared spectroscopy is used for reflectance (R) and transmittance (T) measurements, across the ultra-violet, visible and near infrared spectrum. These are particularly useful to the solar, displays and optical systems and coatings development: effectiveness of anti-reflective coatings for solar cells, uniformity of system response across the visible spectrum for displays can typically be characterized by spectrophotometry.

Applications: Optics (components, coatings including anti-reflective and high-reflection coatings), displays, solar, coatings, semiconductors characterization.


  • Transmittance (T) and reflectance (R) and absorption (A)

  • Solar Transmittance (Tsolar) and solar reflectance (Rsolar)

  • From the raw collected data, combined with ellipsometry allows powerful tool for optical reverse engineering to extract layer thickness and layer optical constants (n,k), electron mobility and density.

Instrument: Shimadzu Solid Spec 3700 DUV.  This top of the line instrument allows us to analyze large samples up to 200mm in diameter, reducing sample preparation. The addition of the DUV option means the high energy, deep UV spectrum is accessible, limited only by the absorption of air. Three detectors ensure high sensitivity across the whole UV-visible-NIR spectrum.

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