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Modeling & Optical Coating

High efficient Optical coating R&D  through
World-Class Hardware and Software 

Accurate, unique model design and prototype development:

  • Highly accurate model design:

    • 90% of modeling met post-deposition film results

  • Unique prototype/design come from unique materials

  • Expertise in new materials, including:
    • ​The new materials database
    • Fast material screening workflow
    • Unique capability integrating prototype design with new materials research
  • Wide parameters optimization capability​​

    • Color, Trans. /Refl. optimization​​​

    • ​Visible, UV, Solar spectra selectivity, thermal energy control optimization

    • An example of an energy saving window coating parameters

Measured data chart
TFG graph
Tvis graph

Unique Optical Reverse Engineering to determine materials optical properties

  • Uniquely determined unknown film properties among the film stack from the ellipsometry (SE) + transmittance ( Ta ) +  film side reflectance (Ra)  +glass side reflectance (BRa) 

  • Uniquely accurate to predict the optical film stack performance (The spectra meet with the simulations very well)​​
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